Established in 1999, Liuyang Yihelong Fireworks Group is a comprehensive enterprise dealing with R&D, production, marketing and international trade of fireworks and large-scale fireworks show, with more than 4,000 employees. It has grown into one of the biggest fireworks and crackers manufacturing companies in the world.

Improve the industrial distribution and build intensive and large-scale industrial chain for collaborative advantage. The Group has seven large manufacturing bases, Yihelong Trading Company (Export) and Fireworks Show Company, as well as built standardized large fireworks warehousing base (total area of 100,000 square meters). Its annual production capacity reaches 10 million boxes, which makes it the largest model enterprise of standardized mold-pressing production of combined fireworks in China.

Advocate innovation and build multi-series and multi-specification advantaged product structure. It has proprietary intellectual property rights in environment-friendly mold-pressing combined fireworks products, new-type fireworks and cracker powder materials and mechanical equipment of combined fireworks production and so on. The number of international and domestic patents licensed and under review is as many as more than forty. The overall performance of its products is first-class at home and abroad. 

Emphasize cultural guidance and construct diversified and internationalized brand of folk culture. With the core value of putting people first and returning the society with quality products, Yihelong insists Quality Deciding the Future and wins good reputation widely.


Build an integrated and detailed marketing network system for the sake of clients. The Group runs more than 1,300 sales outlets in China and operates unified flagship stores in the major sales markets in different provinces and cities. Its products find a good sale in more than thirty countries across Europe, Americas and the Southeast Asia.

Fireworks deliver joy, harmony and beauty. This is an industry that creates beauty and happiness. The staff of Yihelong is willing to make progress and achieve success with friends from different backgrounds, with adherence to the win-win concept, scientific and standardized management, quality products and considerate service.